Whether you are a freelance writer just starting out or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, building a solid brand that is visual to your audience is paramount to the success of your business endeavors. A powerful brand is a driving force for your company that helps create value to your company compared to others in the marketplace.

What is a Brand?

A brand is not simply a logo, though it is the foundational piece of the puzzle. A brand is a collection of all of the marketing strategies, messages to your customers, and the overall belief of your company. Your brand should define your mission and, most importantly, be consistent with the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Creates Recognition

One of the most important results of branding is improving the recognition of your company. Arguably one of the most recognizable brands is a worldwide fast food restaurant, whose logo includes golden arches. No matter what country you’re in, whenever you see golden arches you automatically recognize the brand symbol and think of McDonalds. Your customers should be able to see your brand and be familiar with your services and product, which makes them more comfortable with doing business with your company.

Shows Your Authenticity

When creating a brand for yourself or your business, it must represent your core values to prove to the customers that you are trustworthy. When customers respond to your brand at an emotional level, these feelings solidify your brand’s worth. A brand that is put together well and professionally crafted, customers will reward you with their business.

Improves Your Company’s Visibility

The average person sees thousands of advertisements every day from brands all over the world. Businesses rarely have a lot of time to make a great first impression. When your brand is unique and interesting, it has the potential to really intrigue people who aren’t familiar with your brand, and it reminds current customers to continue to do business with you.

Separates Your Brand from Your Competition

The best and most successful brands are creative, go against the grain, and stands out from the rest of the competition. This differentiation between your brand and the rest of like companies will create long-term relationships with your customers. People are in tuned to what companies they associate with and are likely to stick with them for a long time.