One of the most stressful jobs imaginable is becoming an entrepreneur and trying to get a business off the ground. Since being an entrepreneur means taking financial and personal risks, it’s inevitable that stress could start to get the better of you after awhile. It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and at the brink of exhaustion, but it’s a good idea to plan ahead before you completely burn out.

According to Psychology Today, burnout is a state of chronic stress that is a mental and physical health problem. Burnout typically occurs with those who are considered to be workaholics, who take on more work than is physically able to be completed and therefore feel like they aren’t doing enough. It’s important for entrepreneurs to know the ways to avoid burnout because, due to their long hours and commitment, they are susceptible to it and could put them further behind in their goals if they succumb to burnout.


Don’t Skimp on Taking Care of Yourself

Your business is obviously very important to you, but it’s essential that you also take care of yourself as well as your business. Taking care of yourself means eating healthy, trying to get exercise whenever possible, and getting enough rest each night. If necessary, schedule time for you to exercise and make time to eat healthy. You might want to work into the wee hours of the night in order to get as much done as possible, but it’s always a better idea to rest. Likewise, it might seem like a time-saver to avoid exercise or eat greasy fast food, but your work will suffer because of it. When you are able to exercise, eat healthy, and get enough sleep, you will ultimately be more level-headed and productive in your daytime hours.


Delegate Tasks

Your day will always be filled with a variety of tasks, each with varying importance. While you may be tempted to complete all of these tasks yourself, it’s an excellent idea to outsource some tasks early on when you don’t have employees, and delegate tasks when you have a team. Delegating tasks that don’t necessarily need to be completed by you will give you some free time to focus on more important tasks and projects.


Give Yourself a Break

When you are feeling the pressure and are constantly worrying about your business, it can seem counterproductive to give yourself a vacation. It might not be possible for you to take a weeklong trip, but you should be able to afford a short time away from work-related tasks. Give yourself a 24-hour break from your email to give your mind a chance to recharge.