The changing landscape of the world’s economy forces us to reevaluate our skill set so that we are keeping in line with what future companies will be looking for in terms of employees and business partners. In order to stay relevant and competitive in your field, it’s a good idea to expand your skill set to match what’s needed or going to be needed in the business world. The following skills are ones that, without a doubt, will continue to be sought after in the future.

Communication/Negotiation Skills

The ability to communicate effectively with clients and prospective clients is already essential in today’s workplace, and this skill is not expected to lose its appeal. Having a proven track record of excellent negotiation skills makes you an incredible attractive candidate for any company. Considering that poor negotiation skills have contributed to a large loss of revenue, as a study of UK businesses determined that poor negotiation skills lead to an average of £9 million per hour.. Being a good negotiator means you inevitably have excellent problem-solving skills as you are able to come up with solutions that appeal to both parties.

Computer Skills

Staying relevant in the future years will mean staying current on the software and social media of the time. Our society relies heavily on technology as a form of communication and a way to transmit information and ideas. Learning how to operate various systems and use different software will show your enthusiasm to learn and your ease of being able to adapt to changes in technology.


Successful companies that have a good employee retention percentage often have capable leaders in their organization. If you have strong leadership skills, and you’re going to be able to keep your team motivated, you will look like an attractive hire to most recruiters. Having a proven track record of leading will carry you into the future.

Customer Service

Almost every industry relies on customer service in some form or another. Knowing the value of a customer and having interpersonal skills to improve your ability to connect to the customer is a business skill that will always be in demand. Continuing to work on your customer service along with your communication will help you in future jobs in the business world.