Being the CEO of a company is a huge responsibility and there’s a tendency to shy away from being a leader when you’re in executive level management. We know it takes a lot of knowledge, professionalism, and energy, but just because you got here, it doesn’t mean you can forget about your team members, in fact, the way this team functions is now up to you. You now get to sculpt a successful team tailored to your ideals and needs for the company, so they clearly can’t do it without your help. The following is a guide to making the “E” in “CEO” stand for “empowerment,” and how you can create a dynamic with your team that is both productive and pleasing.



A key part of being an empowering CEO is being in communication with your team and working together. In both of the extremes of teamwork participation (the team member who puts it all out there versus the team member who sits back to relax and let others do the work), it can be very frustrating to not have everyone on the same page. This is where you come in! By overlooking all operations while still presenting yourself as a person of the people, you empower people to work together efficiently and effectively.



By empowering people to work together, you are also empowering people to take responsibility for their actions. By holding everyone accountable, you are giving team members the opportunity to present themselves and responsible individuals who care about how what they do can affect others. Everyone should be each other’s priorities because when this happens, people are more likely to respect each other on a deeper level, which fosters a stronger, more empowered team collectively.

Creating a Positive Work Environment

The safety of your team should always be paramount. This is why a positive workspace is one of the most important things to establish as a CEO. An enjoyable atmosphere allows for team members to grow and to do so in a healthy, productive way. It is important your team recognizes that you take these things quite seriously and that their safety and comfort is of deep value and significance to you. If your team feels cared for, they will strive to thrive in the environment they’ve created with you.


Now that you’re off to a running start with the framework for an empowered, functional team, we know you’ll be a successful leader. Take the time to get to know your team, and create a company culture that your people will be proud of. You’ve got this!