Most people, when asked about the meaning of success in their lives, will give a positive answer followed by powerful and dynamic words like inspiration, persistence, determination, passion, creativity, commitment, goal setting and hard work, among others. Other people can contribute and define success as something irrelevant to monetary accomplishments and acquisition of goods. Generally, people value differently the various measures of success which can be material, immaterial or a combination of both. The word “success” can imply different interpretations for every person, depending primarily on personal experiences.  Society, in its entirety, has a collective definition of success and various societies based on their norms and traditions put their own labels on it.


The value of sacrifices

Less often than more, one hears about the sacrifices and struggles that many successful people had to confront.  When that occurs, some people even stop what they are doing at that moment in order to listen carefully and respectfully to the stories of these people.  The listeners become overwhelmed and inspired.  Some of them even try to replicate in their minds the feelings derived from what inspired them and imagine themselves in a similar position. However, knowledge and experiences can’t be passed on. There are inexpressible sacrifices down the road and only those who have gone that extra mile, outside their comfort zone, will ever understand. Success can’t be inherited.

No matter a person’s socioeconomic status, everyone is born equal when it comes to the fulfillment of their “true calling”. There are certain stages of pain before you succeed in your field, which is inevitable for all those seeking to make the leap forward.


The path beyond words

Success is not simply attaining a desired and favorable outcome or result. Success is maintaining a balance between the extremities you will meet in your journey of living and breathing for your true calling.  Success is the great effort inputted in the hours of silence. In those hours that no one is there to provide assistance and mentoring, you have to embrace yourself and unify your thoughts and actions. It is almost certain that those who seek will find, but they will always pass through the different stages of pain, stress, discomfort, agony and even rejection and dejection.  Things may seem easy in the initial stages where the passion is driven by motivation.  As the years’ pass, motivation merely is not enough. Dedication and accountability, give you the privilege to claim your courage to continue during challenging times. The best way to do this is to be ready and able to give up things that others won’t.  When the times occur were several obstacles arise and go against your plans, be able to improvise. The action is the fundamental key to all success.   It will prevent you from questioning your own worth and feeling overwhelmed; particularly during the times where you will be tested, doubted and underestimated.   Thinking conventionally will lead you nowhere.  It is hard in the beginning but you have to retrain yourself each and every time in order to be able to adjust to the changing circumstances. Expect the unexpected, be prepared for everything and question the surrounding environment, not your sanity.


What really inspires you is what really matters

A common and major mistake is thinking of success as a materialistic possession. One moment you may think that you accomplished every single objective that you had in your life or business plan and at the other moment you may find yourself looking into an abyss. A person’s character and willpower can be seriously tested when the true inspiration remains firm and unwavering.  Give attention to your talents and nurture them as much as possible.  Talented people are also creative in finding ways that provide themselves with a creative stimulus. Being “in the zone” will give you the clairvoyance, the mind power, and the flow in order to be in control of the things you love doing.  Being “in the zone” will act as an antidote to excess anxiety, worrying or even apathy. Always remember to focus on one thing at a time. Sacrifice the instant “joy” of multitasking and you will enjoy the success and accomplishment of many important tasks. Remain focused, inspired and self-disciplined and the price of success may come at a discount.